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Tired of living with Bad Credit?​


Congratulations on taking the first step towards making 2018 an amazing financial year!

DAY 1 - 4

To kickoff the process select the ENROLL NOW tab located at the bottom of the page. Once you've successfully enrolled you will receive an email providing the next step. Within 24-72 business hours you will receive a Welcome Call where we will answer any questions you may have, explain the process and make sure we have everything we need in order to get your file processed. 

DAY 5 - 10

Auditors will begin combing through your report line by line to determine the best steps to take in order to produce the best results. ​​Once the audit has been completed you will receive a personalized plan of action in a downloadable pdf delivered to your email.  

DAY 11 - 41

The CREDIT REPAIR process begins! We will begin communicating with the bureaus, creditors, etc. on your behalf. This is where the real work begins! Bureaus are conducting investigations, creditors are checking info and collection agencies are validating accounts. You will begin receiving responses from the different entities. We need copies of ALL the mail you receive. It allows us to move forward with your file.

DAY 42 - 43

This next step is the most important and exciting of them all! This is where you get to see RESULTS! You will also receive an audit review with a full breakdown of all deletions and repairs that we obtained for you. 

DAY 44

Schedule a personal file review and monitoring of your report. You do this by selecting the flashing calendar icon located at the top of the page. We recommend you do this on a monthly basis to ensure you’re on track to reaching your credit and financial goals while in our program. 

DAY 45

WE START BACK AT DAY 11. The dispute process will continue until we have fixed all items, or exhausted all efforts trying. 

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