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Are you losing control of your financial future?
Our debt relief program is designed to help the participant pay off their debt through a structured repayment plan. By working directly with creditors, our attorneys work on behalf of clients in an attempt to lower interest rates, reduce monthly payments, waive late fees, and eliminate collection calls. This sensible financial solution reduces time for payoff, which can save clients hundreds or thousands of dollars in interest and fees. You can get back on track, but you must take the first step.
Financial problems hit just about everyone at one time or another. The question is, when they hit you, how will you react? By talking with one of our experienced attorneys you are taking back control of your financial future. We're here to help, and the time is now.
Slumped in credit card debt? Paying crazy interest? We can help! Imagine paying $600+ towards unsecured debt knowing that most of it is going towards interest that is delaying your payoff date by many years! Now imagine working with us and in about a year your entire credit outlook can change!
In 2017 there was over $1.45 trillion in student loan debt among around 44 million borrowers. That’s about $620 billion more than the total credit card debt in the USA! ​​Consolidating your loans could be very helpful by lowering your monthly student loan payments.

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