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Tired of living with Bad Credit?​


      Introducing The World's First Secured, Prepaid, 
      Elite Rewards, Debit Card Made Out Of Metal!

The ZBlackCard is the most powerful prepaid debit card in North America for several reasons beyond weighing in at 28 grams of metal.

• Builds credit 
• Low deposit & monthly fees
• FDIC Insured 
• Your ZBlackCard comes with a bank account

• You can do direct deposit and money transfers to your card
• You can save a ton of money on a number of fees 
• You can withdraw your money from bank tellers at ANY bank
• Over 70,000 in network ATMs with a $1 fee
• Withdraw up to $5,000 daily from ANY bank
• Earn shopping spree cash rewards

• Earn vacation cash rewards
​• Earn gas bonuses
• Pays to share

And so much more all from a new innovative prepaid debit card that functions as a secured ultra elite rewards card.

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