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You can be a part of the solution. In today’s tough credit economy, many people face challenges when it comes to being approved for the things they need in their lives. Things like reliable transportation or a safe home for their family. Now, you can help these families achieve their goals and make supplemental income in the process. By joining the Intrinsic Credit Assurance - Credit Repair Affiliate Program, you will have access to one of the only pay for results credit repair platforms in the country. 

Intrinsic Credit Assurance - Credit Repair Affiliate Program is completely free to join with no hidden fees! This is a Ready-to-go Money Making Opportunity that you can start marketing right away with no down time or personal investment. As an Intrinsic Credit Repair Affiliate, you will earn immediate and unlimited income with the most competitive compensation in the industry along with a dedicated team of professionals to assist you all the way. We value our clients and we are committed to your success.

We DO NOT charge our Credit Repair clients upfront, YET, we pay our affiliates upfront!! Not many Credit Repair Companies follow this strategy, which gives us a leverage to get more business than other Credit Repair Companies. Our Credit Repair Affiliate Program rewards those that send more business. All you have to do is sell and we all have a little salesman in us, so let it out, and watch the money come pouring in.   





                              How Our Affiliate Program Works
You DO NOT have to do any customer service, paperwork or customer management. We do all these for you. That allows you to concentrate on growing your business and getting more clients. We provide you with everything you need to start earning commissions while keeping it as simple as possible. There are no bosses to follow, no corporate culture to abide by, and no rigid work schedules nor time clocks. Instead, you have the freedom to work and earn as you choose, in the comfort and convenience of your own homes. We appreciate your referrals, and realize if we want more, we must take care of the ones you send us, and as importantly, take care of you!  

Your success as our affiliate is our #1 priority. Sign up today and let us show you how to begin a new industry leading credit repair referral program.
​                   Start Earning Money Now!


Starter Credit Repair Affiliate - $50 per successful client sign up.

Professional Credit Repair Affiliate -$100 per successful client sign up.

(Must maintain a minimum of 5 enrollments per month)

We offer a tiered

Referral Program

  1. $50- $100 Each Direct Referral
  2. $25 Each Tier 2 Referral
  3. $15 Each Tier 3 Referral
  4. $10 Each Tier 4 Referral

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